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5 Star Brake Repair in San Juan Capistrano

If it’s your first time owning a car, you have probably heard people reminding you to keep your brakes in the best condition. This is because a damaged or a leaking brake can lead to accidents on the road. For your sake and for the people on the road, have your brake checked regularly.

Ways to Know if You Need a Brake Repair

There are many ways to check if your brakes need repairing. The first most common and obvious sign is when your brakes start to make a noise when you use them. A brake in perfect condition shouldn’t be making any sound so if you hear anything odd, then it’s time to go to a brake repair in San Juan Capistrano. Don’t even risk going someplace other than an auto repair shop because a noisy brake can stop working properly at any time.

A noisy brake can be caused by two things. One is friction against the rotor. When the brake pads are worn out or are already very thin, it can grind against the rotor and this will also damage the rotor. Two is friction in the brake lining. This kind of friction often has a squeaking sound as opposed to a grinding sound. When the brake lining is getting worn out, they could end up being misaligned. Misaligned brake linings can move your car to the side whenever you try to brake.

Another easy way to know if there’s a problem with your brakes is if they have a leak. All you have to do is check under your car for leak stains. The leak can be coming from the brake fluid itself or from or the coolant or the motor oil.

Bringing Your Car to a Brake Repair Shop

When you’ve seen signs of damage in your brakes, you shouldn’t hesitate to get them fixed by a mechanic. Here are a few things to know about brake repair.

  1. It has to be done ASAP.

If it hasn’t been stressed enough, brake repair should be done immediately. The moment you hear a squeaking or a grinding sound, you should already be on your way to the auto repair shop. If you prolong this, you might damage the other parts of the vehicle which will lead to more damage. However, you still have to be smart about picking the right shop in San Juan Capistrano. Look for a shop that will charge you appropriately and will give you a full assessment of your brakes.

  1. Get a brake inspection regularly.

Prevention is always better than cure. So, you need to have your brakes checked once a year. This brake inspection will already a big help for you and your car because the mechanic will be checking everything in and around your brakes. This means that your wheel cylinders, calipers, parking brake cables, etc., will be scrutinized. This inspection will also help you gauge if you need to change the other parts too.

  1. New brakes should be broken in.

They say that new brakes should be broken in. Just like any new running shoe, you shouldn’t go on a race if you haven’t tried it out for long runs. In terms of brakes, the first 500 miles should serve as your “breaking in” stage where you test out your brakes. This distance will also help your new brakes settle in properly. During these 500 miles, make good use of the brakes so that you can test it out. However, don’t overdo it because they might overheat.

  1. Maintaining the brakes is cheaper than replacing them.

If you do your regular brake inspection, you would know in advance how to save your brakes or when to replace them. In this way, you can prepare for the cost of eventually replacing your brakes. It is not ideal to wait for the time when your brakes will not work. This will just be a hassle for you. You also have to think about the dangers it presents. Not only will you put your life in danger, but you could also harm other people on the road.

When it comes to brakes, you should always be mindful of their condition. A 5-star brake repair shop will help you know everything about brakes and how you can maintain them and use them properly.